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As mentioned in my previous post, we have been looking at how we market ourselves and with that in mind, we've launched specific divisions that specialise in key areas.

Our SEO division, number1 is aimed at SME's and it offers very simple, understandable SEO packages at extremely competitive rates. The costs are all monthly to make it more affordable for smaller companies.

We've put together all of our SEO knowledge into the project and already it's proving to be very successful.

Some visitors to this site may be looking around thinking that this isn't exactly a design masterpiece and that we've got some fairly weird projects going on.

That's probably fair comment. We get the vast majority of our work from referals so haven't really worked on our public image.... bizarre for a web company I know but we're generally so busy that it's not a problem.

However, we can't always talk about the work we do for our customers. Not necessarily because it's top secret but largely because they don't want their competitors knowing who we are so they can't use us.

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Because has been through a couple of re-designs and also because I've made some mistakes when putting the site together, it needed some maintenance to ensure we make the most of each crawlers visit.

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The blog post I had in mind for this has been very, very well covered in Wim Leers post on improving Drupals page loading performance.

What I will do is blog about the specific issues I discovered by using and how I addressed them.

Using Fasterfox I took an average load time of the Blog page of this site which was around 4.4 seconds.

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I've read many articles on this subject but being as we've actually written a web crawler I think we're pretty well placed to give good advice on how a website should be built to be easily crawled :)

1. Well structured HTML

This doesn't mean that your site has to adhere to W3C standards but at the very least, one set of tags will help and generally ensuring your HTML tags are closed.

2. Text or image as a link - it makes no difference

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Most people in SEO have heard the term "semantic search" - this means that a search engine is for a specific niche with the aim being that you get more relevant results for your searches.

Let's say you search on Google for "Derby" - you could mean the Kentucky Derby, Derby hat, Derby in England, hotels in Derby and so on.

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Every week or so I'll be posting "celebrity site crawls" and talk about the results.

So this week in celebrity site crawls it's the battle of the giants.

In the corner with the bean bags and M&Ms dispenser, hailing from Mountain View, doing no evil whatsoever but still weighing in with a market capitalization of $137b, is the King of spin, the geek with a mean streak, Gooooooogle.

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I just happend to search for DeviantART rather than just type in my address bar and got some the usual Google sitelinks but I also go a Google site search link - that's a new one on me.

The timing couldn't have been any better - since my recent post about semantic search then Google have come out with this :

Big Green Switch which we developed for Associated Northcliffe Digital (AND) has won the "Campaign for Change" category of the New Statesman Media Awards.

Web Editor, Steve Allen said "We've been working hard to constantly improve and develop the site over the past year and, with the help of you, our fantastic visitors, we're proud to have created what we feel is a clear, fair and positive online community and information portal where anyone keen to live a greener lifestyle can find all the advice and knowledge they need."